Ice Plant Color Inspiration

Posted by Andrea Bruns on

In California the freeways are often lined by ice plants, a hardy native of South Africa. Originally planted to stabilize the soil in railroad and freeway embankments, it is now an invasive species and it is everywhere. However I can't help buy love the bright magenta and yellow blooms in the spring and summer. It's been a cold, rainy winter (by California standards) and I'm now being inspired by these bright colors. Below is a collection of other categories that can use these sunny colors to bring some brightness to our rainy winter days.

Cheery clothes can always brighten up the day.

My magenta Orchid necklace is a go-to piece when I want to add color to my wardrobe.

Special events will feel sunnier using magenta and yellow.

I love bright interiors. One strategy is using bright pillows to bring some sun indoors. 

The garden is a great place to create splashes of color.

And, of course, who could forget Easter? It's the perfect holiday to use stunning colors to bring on Spring and Summer.