Late Summer Inspiration

Posted by Andrea Bruns on

Living just south of San Francisco, our summer is in August, September and October. In June and July, while the rest of the Bay Area is sweltering, we're cool as cucumbers under our layer of fog. (Although I will admit this year has been much less fog than previous years.) But late August and September, we can get temperatures in the 80's and even 90's. 

My favorite part of late summer is the promise of fall. Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the other seasons, but when I get to fall, I remember how much I love it. I love the burning hot end of summer days, and the crisp and chilly mornings. I love apples and cinnamon and having to put the extra blanket on the bed at night. I love Halloween, and my favorite holiday of all time, Thanksgiving. Why do I love Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is just about enjoying loved ones and eating. You bring yourself (and sometimes dessert or appetizer) and you just hang out. You eat too much, and go for walks in the afternoon to try to make room your stomach a little for dessert.

My late summer and fall inspiration is the deep intense colors of the flowers and leaves. Bright greens giving way to dark yellow; deep magenta and purple flowers giving way to brick red and orange.