Announcing Andrea Vickery!

Posted by Andrea Bruns on

My big news this month is I'm rebranding Red Icebreaker to Andrea Vickery. I'm very excited to roll out my new store and branding. Why would I do this? I've been working on Red Icebreaker for 2 years now, and I love the colors and branding. It started by reading this article by Dave Conrey of Fresh Rag, titled How I Would Sell Fine Art in 2015 and Beyond. And in this related article he says, "Also, when you establish your art behind a company name, you automatically devalue the art because you’ve removed the human element. Sure, people know that someone made it, but because it’s a brand name and not a person’s name, they care less." Since I own the company, design the look, and hand paint all the pieces, I want people to know that I'm the person behind all these unique pieces. One of my goals with this company is to enhance and foster people's appreciation of hand made and seeing the artist's hand in work, and using my name promotes that goal.

I came up with Red Icebreaker before I was designing my current look and collection, and I feel the work I'm doing now no longer matches the branding. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, and Red Icebreaker didn't reflect that inspiration. My goal with the new logo and colors is to show nature as the major influence.

Over the next month, I'll be transitioning my social media accounts, Etsy store, and web presence over to the new name. Keep in contact by signing up for my newsletter.

What do you think? Let me know!